Finding Your Calling Later in Life

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It's known by many names; reinventing yourself, second careers, finding your calling and there's a few more. These all mean the same thing, doing something different later in life. The way women go about it are as different as the women themselves. Some go back to school for the second time, some women start school for the first time, some start businesses and some women start a ministry. But the underlying theme is the same, they are starting something different. There's something calling them to a different kind of  fulfillment that they've had before. But what happens to women who want to change their lives so drastically? Why would a woman over 50 want come out of their comfort zone? (if she had one!) I believe for most women over the age of 50 that they are changed. They are wiser and more secure about themselves. The concerns of the 20's and 30's are no longer there, priorities and circumstances have changed. Sometimes it's a jolt or a progression but it leads to a type of awakening. Julia Childs, Grandma Moses, Laura Ingalls Wilder, are just a few women who made their marks later in life. Julia Childs found her passion, french food. In her forties she attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu and the rest is history. There's probably a kitchen somewhere in your neighborhood that has one of her cook books on its shelf. Grandma Moses starting painting (self taught) in her 70's as a hobby. Well, what else can be said? She's a household name. Laura Ingalls Wilder (encouraged … [Read more...]

About Me


Hi. I'm Christine. I'm a late starter. While some zero'd in on what they really wanted in life in their twenties, I was stumbling through and figuring it out. I'm 53 and I have a ten year old. I'm going back to school this year to get my masters degree. I'm studying french. I broke my first bone last year. For the first time in my adult life I've lived in the same house for more than five years (some of that is my hubby's fault, he changed jobs three times). Don't get me wrong, I've lived a great life so far, I've had great jobs and I've owned my own business. I've also moved around the country a bit so I've met many great people and made great friends. It just all been circumstantial in a way. But something happened to me in my late forties. I began to analyze,look at my life and realized I've always had a "calling", the feeling I was made to do something. I kind of knew somehow later in life I would figure that out. I kept praying and seeking and along the way I got answers. I'm hoping that by writing this blog I can connect with other late bloomers who are hearing a call a bit later in life too. … [Read more...]

About This Blog

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My name is Christine and this blog is about being called. It's about being called to faith, love and making your world beautiful and how to share that beauty. Like so many things in life this little blog started out one thing but it's now another. I've changed and things change. When I first started this blog it was meant to be a blog about crafting and sharing. But I've decided to change it's focus. Beauty for the Christian woman can be found in so many areas of life. It can be at work, at home and beauty can even be found in the tough, hard times. That's what I've found so surprising in my Christian walk, the beauty that is found everywhere. What this blog is not about. This blog is not a place to argue politics or argue theological points. There are thousands of websites out there where we can do that. If I post something you disagree with or if I've made any kind of error, forgive me, I'm human. My intent will never be to inflame or argue. I hope just to bring a bit of joy and wisdom and I hope that you'll share your wisdom too. … [Read more...]

Another Start

This blog is about to get another start, a new direction and a second chance. It has been sorely neglected over the past few years. It is time for a change and I'm about to give it that change. The new focus is about second chances ( and maybe third and fourth ones) and new beginnings for Christian women over 40. So I hope someday you'll find this blog and share your own experiences and wisdom. It's all about making beautiful things, no matter what. … [Read more...]

Altered Clay Pot Let It Snow Tutorial


  With the holidays upon us you can make some quick stunning gifts with a few items you have around the house. I'm sure most of us have some clay pots around or if you don't you can go to the Goodwill (that's what I did) and get a few for fifty cents or less. In my previous post I made some quick and easy glittery snowflake soaps, so to make my soap presentation a bit more dramatic I made this altered pot to present my snowflake soaps in. Here are the supplies I used 1. Clay pot 2. Martha Stewart Pearl Paint in Aquarium or other blue or blue-green color 3. Acrylic Paint in White     4. Craft Sponges 5. Recollections Glitz or other white glitter     6. Scrapbook paper for rosette 7. Rubber or Acrylic stamp (Let It Snow)  for banner on rosette and small piece of white paper for the banner 7. Metallic Pigment in Silver and Light blue Pigment Ink 8. Silver Wired Ribbon 1.5 inches wide 9. Glue Gun   DIRECTIONS   1. Paint your clay pot with your white paint. Let it dry and repeat this 2-3 times until your pot is covered with paint. Be sure to paint the inside too.                         2. With you sponge paint brush, brush on the Martha Stewart Pearl paint. While the paint is still wet sprinkle some glitz on the top of your … [Read more...]