Seven Days of Christmas Decorating

Seven days of Christmas decorating. Yes, that is the exact length of time it takes me to decorate my house every year. Why is it seven days? I guess I’m slow and very busy. I’m beginning to become fearful it may take me longer this year. I have 6 weeks of back to back house guests starting the end of this week. When it starts to stress me out too much..I just remember to think about it another day. In eight days from now. I can only do one room at a time. I think I may be an over-decorator. Years of accumulating “special Christmas things” has caught up with me. I can’t part with any of the “special Christmas things” I have collected throughout the years. Well, much ado about something that should be simpler. But I still love to see my house all decked out and that is why I keep my Christmas decorations up way into January!

I began with the dining room, I’m not done but I did begin. Here are a few of my “special Christmas things” I’ve put out so far.

Christmas Doll

This is my Christmas doll. She sits in my dining room chair during the holidays. I wish I could tell you she was one of a kind,handmade by a doll artist, but the truth is I got her at a discount store. But she’s just so festive I can’t part with her. For some reason my 7 year old daughter thinks she is ugly and isn’t tempted to play with her. So she stays put and doesn’t disappear.

I love her beautiful face.

A Sparkly and Festive Face

Although I didn’t finish my dining room here are a few Christmas items I did mange to get out. First my mini Joy pillows. Got them 12 years ago. Can’t part with them. They hang on the china cabinets handles.

Joy Mini Pillows

My angel who hangs from by small dining room chandelier. Just noticed she is missing her trumpet. How many years has that been gone? I’ll have to find one or make one? It makes me sad just looking at her face…she’s asking, where did it go?

One angel minus a musical instrument

Stay tuned..tomorrow… the finished dining room. I hope.