Colt the Cutest Christmas Dog Ever

This is Colt my dog..just look at that face...need I say more?

He's got his Christmas bells on

This is Colt my dog…he’s getting in the Christmas spirit with his bells on. I just wanted to share that very cute face with everyone.

Day 2 & 3 Christmas Decorating

I have finished decorating the dining room! The main theme in this room is angels! Little angels are everywhere in this room.


The Dining Room FInished!


Odds and ends make a pretty Christmas bowl


With a little help I was also able to get the living room decorated, the hardest room to decorate because of the tree. I’m just not tall enough to put it together and have to ask my husband for a little assistance. He stands at 6″ 2″ so it’s not that hard for him. So everytime he walked by I’d ask him ‘you busy?’  So after about 10 walk bys I had just about completed the top portion of the tree. I have several collections running in this room. The first is birds. I just love birds and Christmas with all of it’s greenery seems like the perfect time and setting to display birds. The second little collection are deer. I guess I just love creatures that live in the woods.


The living room with our completed tree


A bark deer on the sofa table

A collection of my Christmas birds

This little guy sits on the end of mantle




A Christmas owl sits among the other ornaments in our tree