Painting,Floors and More

This is my husband,lovingly referred to by many as Dr. Rod, because he is indeed a doctor with a last name that some prefer to shorten. But the name suits him because he is just a big guy with big heart. He is the one who insisted that I re-create my craft space and merge the two rooms into one. I have to tell you the truth, I really did resist at first, I felt like I was just getting settled into … [Read more...]

Where Women Craft A Look at Some Craft Rooms and Some Resources

My craft room is coming along, but I don't have any new pics to share because of all the activity in there. The walls are being painted, the floors put in and the shell is taking place. I can't wait to share those pics with you...the change in the room is incredible. I will post those early next week. But in the meantime I thought you might be interested in some links and resources for craft … [Read more...]

Picking Out Craft Room Furniture

I've been looking at what kind of craft furniture is out there for craft studios. My craft studio is going to be light and bright (the room has no windows) So this is my plan so far. 1. The walls will be a peachy pink. This is the main color of the room. 2. The accent color will be cool blue/green 3. I have decided to put in a wood floor, hickory wide plank, throughout the entire … [Read more...]

The Craft Studio is Being Slowly Repaired

    This is Walt,he is the guy in charge of creating a new crafty room. We've used Walt in various projects in the house. He is really coming along in my craft studio(I use the words studio and room) I am really impressed with the progress in the walls, they were in such bad shape. It looks like at one time there were wine racks bolted to the walls and then torn out. So there were … [Read more...]