Some Charming Soaps from the Charming Frog

girl kissing frog

For those who don’t know me, my business is soap. I sell soap supplies (it’s a fun job!) and along the way I get to see some really beautiful soap designs. It really is an art and I’m sure you’ll agree after seeing some of the Charming Frog’s soap designs. Tracy, the co-owner was kind enough to take some time so I could interview her about her business.

1. Tracie your soaps have such a unique look to them, do you find that your “soap style” is now recognizable? In other words…do people now know you by your soaps?

Hi Christine and this is a great question! I would like to think that by now people know us by our soaps however, we receive emails daily from people that did not know we existed! We hope to gain better recognition as time goes by through as many social events, networks etc that we can introduce to the store!

2. I saw what a wonderful job you did with your Wonderland Soaps. Really beautiful. When you’re creating a new soap how do you begin? What do you take into consideration?

Thank you so much for the compliment! Coming from such an experienced soap maker-it means so much! As artists, we look for new trends in colors; i.e. HGTV, Vogue, Martha Stewart, etc. but in this case, we wanted to stick to the colors based on the animated and current movie of Alice in Wonderland…we are all big fans of both!

3. You sell on Etsy and you have quite a following! Do you have any other venues you sell through?

Yes! We sell through Facebook now. The network offers a way to link our Etsy store directly to their page. It has not yet taken off from there (at least I do not think it has) but we are hoping for more traffic. We also plan to build a website store to gain more exposure and plan to do more “in-the-field” events so people can be able to see the beautiful colors and smell the wonderful scents!

We have other ways to get to our store: and

4. Your soaps a always photographed so beautifully. What kind of light do you prefer? What else can you tell us about the process?
Thank you again for the compliment. Light, bright photos are best. Going through the suggestions off Etsy, natural light is the way to go. After taking the pictures (I always take at least ten of each and pick form there), we then tweak the exposure levels through Photoshop.

5. What’s next for the Charming Frog?

For the future, we plan to add many more products. We have just launched our line of felted soaps and sugar scrubs (better recipes to come!). We plan to add sprays, perfumes, cold process soaps, and many others. It will be quite the process but hopefully will work out. One day, we would love to open our own B&M to showcase our beautiful products and offer them locally.


handcrafted soaps

Forgotten Canvas

I’m getting ready for a lot of company this month. You know what that means, lots of cleaning. I’ve been going through closets,cleaning the baseboards and reorganizing. As we all know when we do that(especially if it’s been a while) we stumble upon unexpected treasures, items we’ve forgotten about. I came upon this canvas photo that I made 5 years ago. I lived in another city then and in the moved stored away the digital photos I made. This canvas was a photo of my then backyard which really wasn’t a backyard at all. It was a long area on the back of a green belt. It had a long stone path. This was a photo of it which I digitally altered and printed onto canvas. When I can across it I knew I didn’t want to just stash it away again. I started thinking what could I do with this canvas. Well, I think I’ll make it my “green bag”. So my plan right now is to find some material and maybe quilt it and turn it into a bag I can bring with me to market. So next post I’ll show you the fabric I’ve picked out the go with this green canvas. Hopefully I might even have some of the bag completed.

digitally altered canvas

this canvas will become my “green bag”