Altered Witches Hat Tutorial

Altered Halloween Witches Hats. In this tutorial I will show how I made my Altered Witches Hats. I had so much fun making these I just kept going…but I kept a few blanks for next year!  I will be using the Black Crow Witch Hat to show you step by step how to make these bewitching Halloween hats. I will also show you a few examples of other witch hats I’ve made, you can use these for reference. These hats are easy to make and kids will also have a great time making them. I purchased some hats at Michaels Craft Store. But they only had a few. I also found some at Craft Catalog. If you do a Google search you should be able to find different hats in different sizes.  For my trim I used one of my favorite black trims from Joanns. I also used some netting under my trim on a few of these hats. To make the rosettes on the top of the hats I used paper on some hats I used black leaves  (I just formed the leaves to make a circle). If you don’t have a die cut that makes rosettes you can see how to make rosettes here using a scoring board.

Orange and black witch hat
Find yourself a cardboard or paper witch hat (a nice blank canvas) and let the creativity flow! You just need a few things to get started and I’ll show you that below. Before beginning my witch hat I started with a theme and a color scheme. You can see in the photos below I have a black raven and my colors are a grayish-green and black. In some of my other witches hats I have more of an eclectic theme. Pull your items together like the photo below to make sure everything will go well with each other. When choosing the black paint to paint the rim be sure to get a true black or the deepest black you can, or you’ll be painting several coats.

craft supplies for witches hat


1. Cardboard witches hat

2.2 pieces of 11x 14  Scrapbook paper

3.Mod Podge

4. True Black paint

5. Glitter (optional)

6. Sponge brushes (at least two)

7. 18″ of trim

8. Glue gun

9.5-6  Fall leaves or large rosette for top of hat

10. A few embellishments for my hat theme.


To make your hat paint the underside and the top rim of your witches hat. Paint about a quarter inch up the hat.

Painted witch hat

Paint the front side of the rim.

Painting Halloween Witch Hate

Paint the underside of your hat.


modge podge on paper

Apply a medium layer of Modge Podge on the backside of your paper


paper on witches hat

Apply the paper to the hat, trim where needed.


place items on hat

place items on hat to see where they will be placed,don’t attache yet.

attach trim on witch hat

Attach trim on hat with glue gun. If desired apply a line of glitter on the outer rim.



black leaves embellisment

Attach your embellishments to your hat

apply embellisment

Glue your embellishments and add finishing touches


 Halloween hat




Kids witch hat

Kids love to make these cute hats! You can even add candy.



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