Christmas Snowflake Soap An Easy Gift to Make

white snowflake christmas handmade soap


Christmas Snowflake Soap. Looking for some quick gifts that are pretty and inexpensive? Try making these pretty glittered soap snowflakes. This soap uses white melt and pour soap and is very easy to make. I am including the links to the products (disclaimer, I own this online store!) The snowflake mold is very durable and can be used again and again. I’ve used a Peppermint Creme fragrance oil in this soap so it smells crisp and fresh but is creamy at the same time. The glitter that is applied gives the soap plenty of sparkle. Adding glitters and mica to soap is a good way to give soaps depth and some drama. If you get any bubbles on top of your soap when you pour it into the mold you can spray some rubbing alcohol on the bubbles and this will remove them.  This tutorial will make you three soaps that are about 5 oz each.

A list of supplies you will need

1. One pound of ultra white melt and pour soap base

2. Soap Glitter

3. Snowflake soap mold

4. Peppermint Creme Fragrance Oil  1/2 oz

5. Microwavable glass measuring cup

6. a fork or small whisk to stir your soap

7. A small paintbrush to apply your glitter. An inexpensive one is fine.


1. Cut your soap base into 1/2 inch chunks of soap and put in your glass measuring cup.

2. Melt in microwave for 1 minute. Remove from microwave to see if there are large chunks of soap. If there is still unmelted soap microwave again for 15 seconds and repeat until you have very small pieces of soap. Stir with your fork or whisk until the small pieces  of soap are melted.

3. Slowly stir in your fragrance oil into the melted soap. Don’t stir to vigorously or else you will have too many air bubbles in your soap.

4. Pour your soap into your snowflake soap mold. Pour right to the top.

5. Let your soap harden. Leave in the mold at least 6 hours.

6. Once your soap is dry remove from the mold. Dip your paint brush into the soap glitter and lightly brush into your soap. Be sure to get into the groves of the snowflake. You can repeat this if you want a bit more sparkle to your soap. Now you are ready to package your soap.

In my next tutorial I’m going to show you how to take an old clay pot and turn it into a glittery gift basket to hold those handmade soaps.

That’s it! Very easy! Have fun make soap gifts!

Christine, Make Beautiful Things

white handmade snowflake soap

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