Altered Clay Pot Let It Snow Tutorial

Clay Pot altered with blue paint craft tutorial


With the holidays upon us you can make some quick stunning gifts with a few items you have around the house. I’m sure most of us have some clay pots around or if you don’t you can go to the Goodwill (that’s what I did) and get a few for fifty cents or less. In my previous post I made some quick and easy glittery snowflake soaps, so to make my soap presentation a bit more dramatic I made this altered pot to present my snowflake soaps in.

Here are the supplies I used

1. Clay pot

2. Martha Stewart Pearl Paint in Aquarium or other blue or blue-green color
3. Acrylic Paint in White



4. Craft Sponges

5. Recollections Glitz or other white glitter



6. Scrapbook paper for rosette

7. Rubber or Acrylic stamp (Let It Snow)  for banner on rosette and small piece of white paper for the banner

7. Metallic Pigment in Silver and Light blue Pigment Ink

8. Silver Wired Ribbon 1.5 inches wide

9. Glue Gun




1. Paint your clay pot with your white paint. Let it dry and repeat this 2-3 times until your pot is covered with paint. Be sure to paint the inside too.













2. With you sponge paint brush, brush on the Martha Stewart Pearl paint. While the paint is still wet sprinkle some glitz on the top of your pot.










3. Make your rosette.  Make it large to fill up the front of your pot.

4. Paint on some of your Metallic Silver on the sharp edges of your rosette.











5. Make a bow to go behind your rosette.











6. Cut a 1/2 inch by 5 white piece of paper and make your banner shape at the end (see photo) Stamp with the Let It Snow stamp and edge it with the light blue pigment ink. Glue your banner behind your embellishment and glue your rosette and embellishment together. Now glue bow behind your rosette.














7. Glue your bow/rosette about a third down on your clay pot. You’re done!


Now you can fill it with those beautiful snowflakes we made in the last tutorial or use fill it up with some pretty glass ornaments.

See you next post!







Christmas Snowflake Soap An Easy Gift to Make

white snowflake christmas handmade soap


Christmas Snowflake Soap. Looking for some quick gifts that are pretty and inexpensive? Try making these pretty glittered soap snowflakes. This soap uses white melt and pour soap and is very easy to make. I am including the links to the products (disclaimer, I own this online store!) The snowflake mold is very durable and can be used again and again. I’ve used a Peppermint Creme fragrance oil in this soap so it smells crisp and fresh but is creamy at the same time. The glitter that is applied gives the soap plenty of sparkle. Adding glitters and mica to soap is a good way to give soaps depth and some drama. If you get any bubbles on top of your soap when you pour it into the mold you can spray some rubbing alcohol on the bubbles and this will remove them.  This tutorial will make you three soaps that are about 5 oz each.

A list of supplies you will need

1. One pound of ultra white melt and pour soap base

2. Soap Glitter

3. Snowflake soap mold

4. Peppermint Creme Fragrance Oil  1/2 oz

5. Microwavable glass measuring cup

6. a fork or small whisk to stir your soap

7. A small paintbrush to apply your glitter. An inexpensive one is fine.


1. Cut your soap base into 1/2 inch chunks of soap and put in your glass measuring cup.

2. Melt in microwave for 1 minute. Remove from microwave to see if there are large chunks of soap. If there is still unmelted soap microwave again for 15 seconds and repeat until you have very small pieces of soap. Stir with your fork or whisk until the small pieces  of soap are melted.

3. Slowly stir in your fragrance oil into the melted soap. Don’t stir to vigorously or else you will have too many air bubbles in your soap.

4. Pour your soap into your snowflake soap mold. Pour right to the top.

5. Let your soap harden. Leave in the mold at least 6 hours.

6. Once your soap is dry remove from the mold. Dip your paint brush into the soap glitter and lightly brush into your soap. Be sure to get into the groves of the snowflake. You can repeat this if you want a bit more sparkle to your soap. Now you are ready to package your soap.

In my next tutorial I’m going to show you how to take an old clay pot and turn it into a glittery gift basket to hold those handmade soaps.

That’s it! Very easy! Have fun make soap gifts!

Christine, Make Beautiful Things

white handmade snowflake soap

Day 2 & 3 Christmas Decorating

I have finished decorating the dining room! The main theme in this room is angels! Little angels are everywhere in this room.


The Dining Room FInished!


Odds and ends make a pretty Christmas bowl


With a little help I was also able to get the living room decorated, the hardest room to decorate because of the tree. I’m just not tall enough to put it together and have to ask my husband for a little assistance. He stands at 6″ 2″ so it’s not that hard for him. So everytime he walked by I’d ask him ‘you busy?’  So after about 10 walk bys I had just about completed the top portion of the tree. I have several collections running in this room. The first is birds. I just love birds and Christmas with all of it’s greenery seems like the perfect time and setting to display birds. The second little collection are deer. I guess I just love creatures that live in the woods.


The living room with our completed tree


A bark deer on the sofa table

A collection of my Christmas birds

This little guy sits on the end of mantle




A Christmas owl sits among the other ornaments in our tree

Seven Days of Christmas Decorating

Seven days of Christmas decorating. Yes, that is the exact length of time it takes me to decorate my house every year. Why is it seven days? I guess I’m slow and very busy. I’m beginning to become fearful it may take me longer this year. I have 6 weeks of back to back house guests starting the end of this week. When it starts to stress me out too much..I just remember to think about it another day. In eight days from now. I can only do one room at a time. I think I may be an over-decorator. Years of accumulating “special Christmas things” has caught up with me. I can’t part with any of the “special Christmas things” I have collected throughout the years. Well, much ado about something that should be simpler. But I still love to see my house all decked out and that is why I keep my Christmas decorations up way into January!

I began with the dining room, I’m not done but I did begin. Here are a few of my “special Christmas things” I’ve put out so far.

Christmas Doll

This is my Christmas doll. She sits in my dining room chair during the holidays. I wish I could tell you she was one of a kind,handmade by a doll artist, but the truth is I got her at a discount store. But she’s just so festive I can’t part with her. For some reason my 7 year old daughter thinks she is ugly and isn’t tempted to play with her. So she stays put and doesn’t disappear.

I love her beautiful face.

A Sparkly and Festive Face

Although I didn’t finish my dining room here are a few Christmas items I did mange to get out. First my mini Joy pillows. Got them 12 years ago. Can’t part with them. They hang on the china cabinets handles.

Joy Mini Pillows

My angel who hangs from by small dining room chandelier. Just noticed she is missing her trumpet. How many years has that been gone? I’ll have to find one or make one? It makes me sad just looking at her face…she’s asking, where did it go?

One angel minus a musical instrument

Stay tuned..tomorrow… the finished dining room. I hope.