Craft Room Makeover, Little Details

bird on a chair

My craft room hasn't had time to acquire that "lived in" look that I love so much. In a year from now it will look different as I begin to make new things and find those little details that make so many craft room unique. But I've tried to include a few details. As you'll be able to see I have a kind of bird theme going on...not on purpose, I'm just always picking up little bird things.         One thing I love in my enlarged space is the room for all my craft supplies. There is room for everything now. I don't feel cramped. I'm really glad I went with the Martha Stewart craft storage because it really is designed for the crafter in mind. The drawers are not only wide but long. They store alot! Wait! Does this mean I can buy more craft supplies??   and more room....   and of course I have to have pics of me and my hubby..   and my daughters shoes...   Next post...the lighting … [Read more...]

After Photos of the New Craft Room

Craft Room

I'm not going to say much in this post...I'm just glad that my craft room makeover is done. Today I'll post the whole room and then few posts on the details and the before and after pics. So here's my new craft space! A small nook area       Thanks for coming by and taking a look! … [Read more...]

Sneak Peak at Little Things

White dresser in craft room

My craft room is almost are a few photos of some details. At this point I am just waiting for a rug and chair to arrive before I show the whole completed room. I have to tell you I am thrilled with the room. Not just the design but the space and function...I have a place for all my craft supplies. Then I had an extra surprise! I'm saving it to show later! But these a few photos...   Sorry about the lighting in these was taken with my iphone without daylight so the pics are a bit grainy!   I cant wait for it all to be done so I can start posting some craft tutorials! … [Read more...]

Studio Spaces Book Review

studio space

Better Homes and Garden's book Studio Spaces  is a 168 page book full of DIY organization tips for your craft space. Like all Better Homes and Gardens Books the photographs are clear and beautiful. The book is divided into six chapters. Designer Studios,Studio Makeovers,Get Organized,Small Spaces,Shared Spaces and Project Ideas. The book shows many craft studios and spaces,which are nice to look at, but the area where the book really shines is in giving the reader organization ideas. It gives many different ideas for storing different types of craft supplies. My least favorite chapter was Project Ideas. Any serious crafter will find these a bit to elementary and you can find many more challenging and new ideas on the internet. Although the rooms in the book are nice to look at they are a little too perfect! I personally like the craft spaces in the magazine Where Women Create  that are a bit more "seasoned" and not so staged. I also find the interviews with the artists much more interesting than in this book. They book cost about the same, but Where Women Create is a magazine and this is a book. So if your looking for a book that has a bit more focus on organization and storage ideas than you may find this book useful.       … [Read more...]

Craft Room Extras

I love this chair and it should look great in my new craft room.

My craft room is almost done! I've done a little shopping for some craft room goodies. I picked up a great chair at a really great price at TJMAXX Home Goods and some little accessories such as the rose you see in the pics below. I also purchased a great ribbon rack, looks really great...I'm already loading it up with lots of ribbon.   Bought some pretty paper roses, I'll find somewhere to put these! Here's the wire ribbon rack(that's just a photo,not my craft room). I put it up last night. I should have lots of new pics of the room, plus the bonus room! I added a second room for sewing! This week I am putting away all of my craft supplies and I'm so excited to have all that extra storage. Hope to have pics of the new room by next week! … [Read more...]