Food From My Frontier Cookbook Review

Ree Drummond Food From My Frontier

Yum..Double Yum…no, really really good! Usually when I buy a cookbook I read all the reviews first before I decide to purchase, but I preordered FOOD FROM MY FRONTIER because I’m such a fan of her terrific blog  I never tried any of Ree’s recipes off of her blog but I love all the goins ons (sorry not a real word,I know) over there. When the cookbook arrived I was so thrilled just by all the beautiful photographs and its great layout and design (recipe types organized by color). You just want to sit down and LOOK at all the gorgeous photos. But, I was doubly thrilled when I saw the all the familiar hearty foods I already love. This cookbook isn’t about far out ingredients I can’t find or complicated cooking techniques….it’s food you are already familiar with and you and your family will actually love to eat.

I’m not the greatest cook but I’m not the worst either. I felt like I could make every recipe in this book. So I decided to start with one of my favorite foods and that is the Chicken Tortilla Soup. The photos are so clear and well organized you could almost make this with the photos alone!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

The photo above is mine (Ree of course has a beautiful photo of this soup in her book) My soup turned out beautifully! I had some friends stop over and they immediately asked what I was making and before I could even answer they were over at my soup pot. So I offered some up and got rave reviews! It was truly delicious.  There are so many great recipes in this cookbook… Such as the Brie-Stuffed Mushrooms, the Crash Hot Potatoes, The Tres Leches Cake and so many more! This is a great cookbook for beginner cooks and those of us who have a bit more experience in the kitchen.  If you like hearty good food with a western flair you’ll love this cookbook.