Where Women Craft A Look at Some Craft Rooms and Some Resources

Where Women Create Book

Where Women Create

My craft room is coming along, but I don’t have any new pics to share because of all the activity in there. The walls are being painted, the floors put in and the shell is taking place. I can’t wait to share those pics with you…the change in the room is incredible. I will post those early next week. But in the meantime I thought you might be interested in some links and resources for craft studios.

Where Women Create…the first book I read on real craft studios. Oh! I was so thrilled to see all those rooms bursting with creativity! It’s a beautiful book with beautiful photos. Top designers and artisans offer insights gleaned from years of experience, reveal how they constructed their own creative spaces, and explain how the reader can make practical use of these decorating, organizational, and inspirational techniques as they go about designing their own work areas. If you haven’t read it I strongly recommend this book. It’s about 7 years old now but you can get it brand new at about half price.


Where Women Create Magazine

Where Women Create Magazine

After the Where Women Create book came out, next came the Where Women Create Magazine  Like all Stampington publications it is a photo filled feast for the eyes with interviews with various artists and crafters. Lot’s of great big craft studios filled with years of artists’ goodies. It’s interesting to see all the different styles of rooms here. You can also find a few small nook type craft spaces. My only disappointment is that you can’t get this on the IPAD in your magazine reader. I would love to be able to store them all there. Stampinton …time to go digital!


Another magazine dedicated to craft studios is Craft Studio Magazine by Interweave publications (they publish many good craft magazines). This is a great magazine with lots of interviews with top artists and crafters, but the majority of the magazine is dedicated to revealing everyday craft spaces by everyday crafters, sewers and many mixed media artists. The publication is available for digital download on your IPAD or other digital reader.


Everything Etsy has a page on their website called ART STUDIO INSPIRATION Kim has put together a great collection of craft rooms with emphasis on storage and organization. Craft storage and and organization is important to crafters/artists because of all the different supplies that are needed. The purpose of your craft studio is to utilize those supplies. Organization is a big subject and will be written about in another post.


You can find lots of great craft rooms and studios if you do a Google search, but I highly recommend that you do a Google Blog Search  A Google blog search will bring up more relevant and up to date craft rooms/studios than a regular Google search..I also found that you will find lots of great “before and after” photos of crafters who have redesigned their craft rooms on blogs.  Another great place to look at craft rooms is Flickr’s Craft Room Group, with over 5,000 members there a tons of craft room pics with ideas for storage, room remodels and so much more! The group is very active and you can look at new craft room pics everyday if you like!