A Blue Shade of Fall

blue bowl

When we think of fall we think of the beautiful colors this season ushers in. Warm hues of red,yellow and orange fill all of our senses and our emotions as well. I think that is why so many love this season. It brings with it comfort; warm wool sweaters, bond fires, pumpkin pie and the promise of happy family gatherings that are ahead of us.  I love the change of color that the cooler brisk air brings. But along with the warm colors of this season, autumn has another shade, a shade of deep rich blue. I found these beautiful autumn items on Etsy. Please click on the photo for more information.         So along with the change of the leaves the color of the sky changes, it becomes richer and deeper complimenting the other colors of the season.   My blue sky photo from last autumn. The contrast of the warm fall leaves and the blue sky....makes something truly beautiful!     … [Read more...]

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Vintage Thread Wooden Spool Copyright Zee Longenecker 2011

I admire great photography. I love beautiful things. The work of Zee Longenecker  is both great and beautiful. One of the marks of a great photographer is making mundane objects come to life and beautiful object more beautiful. She does both splendidly. Zee's photographs were published in the following magazines: Easy Living - UK (April 2010), Toffee Magazine (November 2010) and Popular Photography Magazine (March 2004). She has a wonderful blog I highly recommend. You can find it at www.pixieblossoms.com  Her blog is full of her wonderful photos,DIY projects and many other enticing bits! Zee has graciously allowed me share some of her beautiful photography here.       Pink Roses Copyright Zee Longenecker 2011 ❤ Portfolio: http://zeelongenecker.com ❤ http://twitter.com/zeelongenecker ❤ Pixie Blossoms Blog: http://pixieblossoms.com You can visit her Etsy shop here...Hey Zee Thank You Zee for Making Beautiful Things … [Read more...]