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Altered Witches Hat Tutorial

Altered Halloween Witches Hats. In this tutorial I will show how I made my Altered Witches Hats. I had so much fun making these I just kept going…but I kept a few blanks for next year!  I will be using the Black Crow Witch Hat to show you step by step how to make these bewitching Halloween hats. I will also show you a few examples of other witch hats I’ve made, you can use these for reference. These hats are easy to make and kids will also have a great time making them. I purchased some hats at Michaels Craft Store. But they only had a few. I also found some at Craft Catalog. If you do a Google search you should be able to find different hats in different sizes.  For my trim I used one of my favorite black trims from Joanns. I also used some netting under my trim on a few of these hats. To make the rosettes on the top of the hats I used paper on some hats I used black leaves  (I just formed the leaves to make a circle). If you don’t have a die cut that makes rosettes you can see how to make rosettes here using a scoring board.

Orange and black witch hat
Find yourself a cardboard or paper witch hat (a nice blank canvas) and let the creativity flow! You just need a few things to get started and I’ll show you that below. Before beginning my witch hat I started with a theme and a color scheme. You can see in the photos below I have a black raven and my colors are a grayish-green and black. In some of my other witches hats I have more of an eclectic theme. Pull your items together like the photo below to make sure everything will go well with each other. When choosing the black paint to paint the rim be sure to get a true black or the deepest black you can, or you’ll be painting several coats.

craft supplies for witches hat


1. Cardboard witches hat

2.2 pieces of 11x 14  Scrapbook paper

3.Mod Podge

4. True Black paint

5. Glitter (optional)

6. Sponge brushes (at least two)

7. 18″ of trim

8. Glue gun

9.5-6  Fall leaves or large rosette for top of hat

10. A few embellishments for my hat theme.


To make your hat paint the underside and the top rim of your witches hat. Paint about a quarter inch up the hat.

Painted witch hat

Paint the front side of the rim.

Painting Halloween Witch Hate

Paint the underside of your hat.


modge podge on paper

Apply a medium layer of Modge Podge on the backside of your paper


paper on witches hat

Apply the paper to the hat, trim where needed.


place items on hat

place items on hat to see where they will be placed,don’t attache yet.

attach trim on witch hat

Attach trim on hat with glue gun. If desired apply a line of glitter on the outer rim.



black leaves embellisment

Attach your embellishments to your hat

apply embellisment

Glue your embellishments and add finishing touches


 Halloween hat




Kids witch hat

Kids love to make these cute hats! You can even add candy.



The Charming Frog - WoW! Can I say WoW! How beautiful!! It just so happens I have all these materials – including the hat~ I know what I will be doing in the next couple days! Thanks Christine for the inspiration!

Vicki - WOW, Christine. They are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

admin - I’ve had some emails asking where to get the hats try

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Some Charming Soaps from the Charming Frog

girl kissing frog

For those who don’t know me, my business is soap. I sell soap supplies (it’s a fun job!) and along the way I get to see some really beautiful soap designs. It really is an art and I’m sure you’ll agree after seeing some of the Charming Frog’s soap designs. Tracy, the co-owner was kind enough to take some time so I could interview her about her business.

1. Tracie your soaps have such a unique look to them, do you find that your “soap style” is now recognizable? In other words…do people now know you by your soaps?

Hi Christine and this is a great question! I would like to think that by now people know us by our soaps however, we receive emails daily from people that did not know we existed! We hope to gain better recognition as time goes by through as many social events, networks etc that we can introduce to the store!

2. I saw what a wonderful job you did with your Wonderland Soaps. Really beautiful. When you’re creating a new soap how do you begin? What do you take into consideration?

Thank you so much for the compliment! Coming from such an experienced soap maker-it means so much! As artists, we look for new trends in colors; i.e. HGTV, Vogue, Martha Stewart, etc. but in this case, we wanted to stick to the colors based on the animated and current movie of Alice in Wonderland…we are all big fans of both!

3. You sell on Etsy and you have quite a following! Do you have any other venues you sell through?

Yes! We sell through Facebook now. The network offers a way to link our Etsy store directly to their page. It has not yet taken off from there (at least I do not think it has) but we are hoping for more traffic. We also plan to build a website store to gain more exposure and plan to do more “in-the-field” events so people can be able to see the beautiful colors and smell the wonderful scents!

We have other ways to get to our store: and

4. Your soaps a always photographed so beautifully. What kind of light do you prefer? What else can you tell us about the process?
Thank you again for the compliment. Light, bright photos are best. Going through the suggestions off Etsy, natural light is the way to go. After taking the pictures (I always take at least ten of each and pick form there), we then tweak the exposure levels through Photoshop.

5. What’s next for the Charming Frog?

For the future, we plan to add many more products. We have just launched our line of felted soaps and sugar scrubs (better recipes to come!). We plan to add sprays, perfumes, cold process soaps, and many others. It will be quite the process but hopefully will work out. One day, we would love to open our own B&M to showcase our beautiful products and offer them locally.


handcrafted soaps

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Forgotten Canvas

I’m getting ready for a lot of company this month. You know what that means, lots of cleaning. I’ve been going through closets,cleaning the baseboards and reorganizing. As we all know when we do that(especially if it’s been a while) we stumble upon unexpected treasures, items we’ve forgotten about. I came upon this canvas photo that I made 5 years ago. I lived in another city then and in the moved stored away the digital photos I made. This canvas was a photo of my then backyard which really wasn’t a backyard at all. It was a long area on the back of a green belt. It had a long stone path. This was a photo of it which I digitally altered and printed onto canvas. When I can across it I knew I didn’t want to just stash it away again. I started thinking what could I do with this canvas. Well, I think I’ll make it my “green bag”. So my plan right now is to find some material and maybe quilt it and turn it into a bag I can bring with me to market. So next post I’ll show you the fabric I’ve picked out the go with this green canvas. Hopefully I might even have some of the bag completed.

digitally altered canvas

this canvas will become my “green bag”

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Roses and Glass

I have a terrible confession to make. I almost feel guilty saying it. I have a BLACK thumb. My best attempts at keeping alive anything green usually result in disaster. It seems the harder I try the faster the poor plant dies. But….regardless of my past failures, I decided I was really going to try and grow roses. I love roses and would love to a small rose garden. So, Mr. Austin…here I come. Well the good news is YEAH! They’re not dead! I planted at least 6 hybrid rose bushes and roses did appear! As if magic! I decided to photograph some flowers just to show the world, Yes I have a green thumb( even if it’s a forest green)!

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Food From My Frontier Cookbook Review

Ree Drummond Food From My Frontier

Yum..Double Yum…no, really really good! Usually when I buy a cookbook I read all the reviews first before I decide to purchase, but I preordered FOOD FROM MY FRONTIER because I’m such a fan of her terrific blog  I never tried any of Ree’s recipes off of her blog but I love all the goins ons (sorry not a real word,I know) over there. When the cookbook arrived I was so thrilled just by all the beautiful photographs and its great layout and design (recipe types organized by color). You just want to sit down and LOOK at all the gorgeous photos. But, I was doubly thrilled when I saw the all the familiar hearty foods I already love. This cookbook isn’t about far out ingredients I can’t find or complicated cooking techniques….it’s food you are already familiar with and you and your family will actually love to eat.

I’m not the greatest cook but I’m not the worst either. I felt like I could make every recipe in this book. So I decided to start with one of my favorite foods and that is the Chicken Tortilla Soup. The photos are so clear and well organized you could almost make this with the photos alone!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

The photo above is mine (Ree of course has a beautiful photo of this soup in her book) My soup turned out beautifully! I had some friends stop over and they immediately asked what I was making and before I could even answer they were over at my soup pot. So I offered some up and got rave reviews! It was truly delicious.  There are so many great recipes in this cookbook… Such as the Brie-Stuffed Mushrooms, the Crash Hot Potatoes, The Tres Leches Cake and so many more! This is a great cookbook for beginner cooks and those of us who have a bit more experience in the kitchen.  If you like hearty good food with a western flair you’ll love this cookbook.


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A Rose Poem

Today I was going to plant my roses. I’m new at rose gardening, I  decided it might be a great gardening activity, keep me outside longer. We bought an older home 2 years ago and it needs some yard work. So I bought roses; climbing roses, rose bushes and rose ground cover. But after all this beautiful weather it’s supposed to freeze this week. So I’m going to wait a few days. So instead I took a photo of a miniature rose I have in my craft room. So here’s a little photo with a little rose poem to go along. Have a blessed Sunday everyone.



A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
O my Luve’s like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve’s like the melodie
That’s sweetly played in tune.As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry:

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel awhile!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho’ it ware ten thousand mile.

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Craft Room Makeover, Little Details

My craft room hasn’t had time to acquire that “lived in” look that I love so much. In a year from now it will look different as I begin to make new things and find those little details that make so many craft room unique. But I’ve tried to include a few details. As you’ll be able to see I have a kind of bird theme going on…not on purpose, I’m just always picking up little bird things.


bird on a chair

tiny bird sits on a chair



more little birds are perched on top of my craft hutch


One thing I love in my enlarged space is the room for all my craft supplies. There is room for everything now. I don’t feel cramped. I’m really glad I went with the Martha Stewart craft storage because it really is designed for the crafter in mind. The drawers are not only wide but long. They store alot! Wait! Does this mean I can buy more craft supplies??


room for ribbons and trims

and more room….


rubber stamps

I have room for all my stamps

and of course I have to have pics of me and my hubby..


small craft room frames

little frames

and my daughters shoes…


craft box with shoes

my daughter's shoes

Next post…the lighting

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After Photos of the New Craft Room

I’m not going to say much in this post…I’m just glad that my craft room makeover is done. Today I’ll post the whole room and then few posts on the details and the before and after pics. So here’s my new craft space!

Craft Room

craft room after makeover

A small nook area

Nook in  craft room

nook in the craft room

craft room hutch



Craft Room Ribbon Rack

Ribbon Rack


Craft Room

Thanks for coming by and taking a look!

Angie - Beautiful!!! I’m getting ready to organize mine and make it all pretty ;) Thank you for the inspiration!

Janet Rucker - Jan – I love your room more than any I’ve seen! I’ve been wanting to revamp my crop room but have been torn between the vintage look and the more sleek lines. You have really inspired me and I’m ready to get started! Are the Martha Stewart desks pink like they appear on the web? Where can I purchase them? Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the beautiful work!

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