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The Make Beautiful Things Poster

Beautiful Things Poster

Make Beautiful Things Poster

Imagine my delight when I saw this Make Beautiful Things poster over at Pinterest . I immediately grabbed it and put it on my Great Blogs Board and then tracked down the creator of this poster. This led me to a really nifty blog called Landee See, Landee Do A great DIY blog full of all kinds of great photos and DIY ideas. The best part was that Landee has this poster as a FREE downloadable in different sizes and colors….very generous!  Landee also has a terrific Etsy Shop where she sells her vinyl and board graphics. I am really tempted to ask her to please whip me up this poster so I can put it in my craft studio! I’ll keep you updated!

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Sneak Peak at Little Things

Roses for craft studio

Paper Roses

My craft room is almost complete….here are a few photos of some details. At this point I am just waiting for a rug and chair to arrive before I show the whole completed room. I have to tell you I am thrilled with the room. Not just the design but the space and function…I have a place for all my craft supplies. Then I had an extra surprise! I’m saving it to show later! But these a few photos…

Craft Room Picture Frames

Photos of me and hubby hang in tiny frames


Sorry about the lighting in these photos…it was taken with my iphone without daylight so the pics are a bit grainy!


White dresser in craft room

Flowers and little things on a dresser in my new craft room

I cant wait for it all to be done so I can start posting some craft tutorials!

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The Make Beautiful Things Treasury

‘Make Beautiful Things’ by latherandlotions

Named after my blog Make Beautiful Things, this treasury is dedicated to all those who do just that…make our world a little prettier. What could you make with this treasury?

Typography Art Print: B…

Wedding Easels For Chal…


Cream Crochet Trim – 3 …

20 wooden spools wood s…

China Mosaic Tiles SHaB…

Light blue Wool Roving …

Custom Bobbin Graphics …

light Natural Burlap 4 …

Aqua Green Bakers Twine…

Cottage Shabby Chic Che…

Handmade Fabric Buttons…

fabric flower Tutorial …

Set of 2 Beautiful Shab…

ORIGINAL Digital Collag…

Pom Pom de Paris Jelly …

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Studio Spaces Book Review

Better Homes and Garden’s book Studio Spaces  is a 168 page book full of DIY organization tips for your craft space. Like all Better Homes and Gardens Books the photographs are clear and beautiful. The book is divided into six chapters. Designer Studios,Studio Makeovers,Get Organized,Small Spaces,Shared Spaces and Project Ideas.

The book shows many craft studios and spaces,which are nice to look at, but the area where the book really shines is in giving the reader organization ideas. It gives many different ideas for storing different types of craft supplies. My least favorite chapter was Project Ideas. Any serious crafter will find these a bit to elementary and you can find many more challenging and new ideas on the internet.

Although the rooms in the book are nice to look at they are a little too perfect! I personally like the craft spaces in the magazine Where Women Create  that are a bit more “seasoned” and not so staged. I also find the interviews with the artists much more interesting than in this book. They book cost about the same, but Where Women Create is a magazine and this is a book. So if your looking for a book that has a bit more focus on organization and storage ideas than you may find this book useful.




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Craft Room Extras

My craft room is almost done! I’ve done a little shopping for some craft room goodies. I picked up a great chair at a really great price at TJMAXX Home Goods and some little accessories such as the rose you see in the pics below. I also purchased a great ribbon rack, looks really great…I’m already loading it up with lots of ribbon.


I love this chair and it should look great in my new craft room.

Bought some pretty paper roses, I’ll find somewhere to put these!

These roses almost look real

Craft Room Wire Ribbon Rack

Here’s the wire ribbon rack(that’s just a photo,not my craft room). I put it up last night. I should have lots of new pics of the room, plus the bonus room! I added a second room for sewing! This week I am putting away all of my craft supplies and I’m so excited to have all that extra storage. Hope to have pics of the new room by next week!

mabel sabina - Love your craft room, can you please tell me where you purchased that wire ribbon rack?

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Painting,Floors and More

Dr. Rod Questions the Pink

This is my husband,lovingly referred to by many as Dr. Rod, because he is indeed a doctor with a last name that some prefer to shorten. But the name suits him because he is just a big guy with big heart. He is the one who insisted that I re-create my craft space and merge the two rooms into one. I have to tell you the truth, I really did resist at first, I felt like I was just getting settled into the room I had. So after really getting to like the idea I just went for it. I knew I wanted PINK AND FRILLY! No hold bar! It was at this point he began to question me, especially when we went to the paint store. I showed him all the pink swatches I had, he almost rolled his eyes. I could see he was really holding back his opinion on the pink thing which made me second guess my choices. But I quickly came to my senses and back to what I knew I wanted (and I knew I was better at  choosing paint colors) and happily purchased the pink paint.

Well here you can see the pink paint on the walls and how the room is taking shape. I think with the walnut floors I’m putting in it will look beautiful against the pink walls.

Craft Room ceiling
Craft Studio nook

Doin the Craft Room Dance


This is my daughter, she is really excited about the craft room. We will be having craft night there with friends and she can’t wait(plus I think she can’t wait she what new craft stuff she can get into!)  You can see the walls are a soft pink and not a bubblegum color. The floors are going to be put in today so I will be updating on this soon.

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Where Women Craft A Look at Some Craft Rooms and Some Resources

Where Women Create Book

Where Women Create

My craft room is coming along, but I don’t have any new pics to share because of all the activity in there. The walls are being painted, the floors put in and the shell is taking place. I can’t wait to share those pics with you…the change in the room is incredible. I will post those early next week. But in the meantime I thought you might be interested in some links and resources for craft studios.

Where Women Create…the first book I read on real craft studios. Oh! I was so thrilled to see all those rooms bursting with creativity! It’s a beautiful book with beautiful photos. Top designers and artisans offer insights gleaned from years of experience, reveal how they constructed their own creative spaces, and explain how the reader can make practical use of these decorating, organizational, and inspirational techniques as they go about designing their own work areas. If you haven’t read it I strongly recommend this book. It’s about 7 years old now but you can get it brand new at about half price.


Where Women Create Magazine

Where Women Create Magazine

After the Where Women Create book came out, next came the Where Women Create Magazine  Like all Stampington publications it is a photo filled feast for the eyes with interviews with various artists and crafters. Lot’s of great big craft studios filled with years of artists’ goodies. It’s interesting to see all the different styles of rooms here. You can also find a few small nook type craft spaces. My only disappointment is that you can’t get this on the IPAD in your magazine reader. I would love to be able to store them all there. Stampinton …time to go digital!


Another magazine dedicated to craft studios is Craft Studio Magazine by Interweave publications (they publish many good craft magazines). This is a great magazine with lots of interviews with top artists and crafters, but the majority of the magazine is dedicated to revealing everyday craft spaces by everyday crafters, sewers and many mixed media artists. The publication is available for digital download on your IPAD or other digital reader.


Everything Etsy has a page on their website called ART STUDIO INSPIRATION Kim has put together a great collection of craft rooms with emphasis on storage and organization. Craft storage and and organization is important to crafters/artists because of all the different supplies that are needed. The purpose of your craft studio is to utilize those supplies. Organization is a big subject and will be written about in another post.


You can find lots of great craft rooms and studios if you do a Google search, but I highly recommend that you do a Google Blog Search  A Google blog search will bring up more relevant and up to date craft rooms/studios than a regular Google search..I also found that you will find lots of great “before and after” photos of crafters who have redesigned their craft rooms on blogs.  Another great place to look at craft rooms is Flickr’s Craft Room Group, with over 5,000 members there a tons of craft room pics with ideas for storage, room remodels and so much more! The group is very active and you can look at new craft room pics everyday if you like!


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Picking Out Craft Room Furniture

I’ve been looking at what kind of craft furniture is out there for craft studios. My craft studio is going to be light and bright (the room has no windows) So this is my plan so far.

1. The walls will be a peachy pink. This is the main color of the room.

2. The accent color will be cool blue/green

3. I have decided to put in a wood floor, hickory wide plank, throughout the entire room.

4.After lots of looking and search I’ve decided on the Martha Stewart craft room furniture in “Picket Fence”. I usually use lots of Elfa shelving in other rooms and have used Elfa in my other craft room, I just want something a bit more feminine with a wider workspace. I also like the that some of the Martha Stewart pieces are designed for crafters.

5. Lighting,this was really hard, but for the first time ever, I really wanted a room that has some bling to it. So I decided on some chandlers. Four of them. Some of the lighting in the cieling would be too costly to move around so I am going with 4. I found some with great reviews from Overstock. They are supposed to have lots of quality light and lots of bling.

6. To continue with my feminine theme I am going to use a molding with a floral pattern.

I’ve put these all together so you can have a preview.


Craft Room Furniture

Putting Together a Craft Room



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The Craft Studio is Being Slowly Repaired



This is Walt,he is the guy in charge of creating a new crafty room. We’ve used Walt in various projects in the house. He is really coming along in my craft studio(I use the words studio and room) I am really impressed with the progress in the walls, they were in such bad shape. It looks like at one time there were wine racks bolted to the walls and then torn out. So there were some really large holes. You can see my the photo above he has made a real ceiling between the two spaces and he tore the cedar out. I can’t afford to cedar the whole ceiling so we will replace the cedar in just the small nook area. This is a small nook area. We replaced the door with a wall so it would provide a bit more space. I’m still having a hard time parting with the brick. But it seems pointless to keep it. My choices are to try and find a brick tile that will match it or cover it with another type of floor. But the brick that is there is in worse shape than I thought. So it really needs to go.

craft studio design



One big improvement already is a wall that is going up to cover the heating system and water heater. The other side of the craft room was part utility room. So Walt is putting a wall up and a door.There is an some kind of heating exhaust that sticks out in the wall. So I am trying to figure out how to incorporate this large “thing” into the craft studio design. But things are moving along quite quickly so I need to decide.


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